How to Choose the Best Tea Subscription Box

how to choose the best subscription box

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Want to try as much tea as possible? Subscription box may be an answer. What’s great about tea subscription boxes is that they allow you to try many different teas in a year and find the flavors you like the most without ending up with bags of tea you don’t enjoy too much. After all, finding the best tea is a matter of personal preferences too. Learn how to choose the best tea box.

Factors to consider when choosing a subscription box

There are many tea subscription boxes available to choose from. Some will include tea bags, others will be focused only on loose leaf tea. Some may contain pure small batch loose leaf tea, other will offer a fun perspective of the tea world by giving you a chance to try the amazing and vibrant flavors. There are a few factors to consider before making a tea commitment.

1. Which tea types you enjoy the most

Before deciding to become a tea subscriber, ask yourself what kind of flavors you enjoy the most. Is it fresh and vegetable flavor of green tea, or robust, strong and malty black tea flavors? Furthermore, do you want to drink only pure unflavored tea or you want to try both pure and teas blended with other ingredients–such as flowers or fruits? Some tea boxes will include only green tea or black tea. If you love all tea, a sampler box with mixed types may be a wonderful choice to try them all. Furthermore, some subscription boxes will include only teas from a specific country, while other may include tea types from around the world.

2. When do you plan to drink tea

When are you most likely to drink your tea? If you drink tea only in the evening, herbal and decaf tea may be the best option. On the other hand, if you love drinking tea in the morning, both black and green tea may give you enough energy to start your day right. If any time is perfect for a cup of tea, mixed boxes will offer a variety of caffeinated and caffeine free/herbal teas.

3. How much tea do you drink

Are you a daily or an occasional tea drinker? Before deciding on a tea subscription box check how many cups you will be able to make per month. Boxes that ship monthly are great for daily tea drinkers, while bi-monthly or ever quarterly options may suit the needs of occasional tea drinkers better. This means you will always get the fresh tea that you can drink at your own pace.

4. Do you prefer tea bags or loose leaf tea

When choosing loose leaf tea box subscription you will need a mug, and a teapot/strainer or a tea filter. If you are still not ready to invest into tea ware or strainers, getting re-usable or disposable tea filters is a great way to start.

5. What is your budget

Your budget is important when deciding on the right subscription box. Your tea box should provide both high quality premium teas and the right quantity for the price you are paying. Check if the shipping cost is included into the price of your subscription. Some tea subscriptions come with free shipping, and all you need to pay for is your tea.

6. Cancellation process

Before deciding to commit for a full year, make sure you choose the right box. If you prefer to be billed monthly, some subscriptions allow you to be in full control of your membership and cancel at any time.

7.  Additional information

If you are new to tea, additional brewing instructions or tasting notes are a great way to really start enjoying your tea times. Every tea is different and to get the best flavor, you will need to brew it properly. Check if your monthly boxes include brewing info for each tea.

Why choosing a subscription box in the first place?

1. Variety

Subscription box will allow you to try many different flavors. Depending on which tea box you choose, you could try a few dozens of green teas a year, and still be surprised by just how many flavors there are still left to explore.

2. Convenience

Is there a greater surprise than receiving a tea mail once a month? Subscriptions make tea tasting very convenient and there’s a surprise factor too.

3. No tea waste

All subscription boxes contain tea samples or small pouches, usually enough for 1-20 cups of tea, depending on the box. This means that in a monthly subscription you will get enough tea to enjoy it daily and move on to new flavors next month.

4. Decisions made easy

How many times have you found yourself starring at the tea shelf in the supermarket not knowing which tea to choose? With a subscription box, you will not need to waste any time on making those decisions. Subscription boxes are often themed or include seasonal flavors that will change every month.

5. Creating a healthy habit

If you are a tea beginner still trying to find the perfect tea, or you are completely new to tea and want to start drinking tea because of its benefits, subscription box is a wonderful way to start creating a good habit. Tea samples will provide enough tea to try different brewing styles–from hot and cold brewing to making lattes and iced tea.

6. They make for a wonderful present

If you have tea lovers in your family or among your friends, a tea subscription is a great way to make them really happy. There’s no tea drinker in this world that doesn’t get excited about the taste of a new tea.