Tea of the Month Gift: Best Christmas Present for Tea Lovers!

Christmas is more than just a giving season. It’s time to sit down with family and friends, sharing joy, happiness and great tea. Here are some gift ideas for tea lovers, including the best tea types and best utensils to make brewing easy, fun and unforgettable.

Best Tea Selection for different types of tea drinkers

    1. For busy people

      The best teas for busy people are those that require very little time and effort. Teas like Simple Chai can be brewed with boiling water and boost energy during those busy mornings. Rooibos blends, on the other hand, don’t contain caffeine, but will never become bitter even if brewed for 20 minutes. Plus, they taste delicious when they are cold too.Extra idea: A kettle with a build-in strainer and an option to adjust water temperatures makes brewing easy and fun.

    2. For true tea lovers

      When you are giving a gift of tea to someone who is already very passionate about it, choose unique and rare teas. African Purple Tea is a rare Kenyan tea with a high level of antioxidants, while Bitaco Green comes from the volcanic soils of Colombia, a country that produces only a few real teas.

      Extra idea: Japanese yokode kyusu teapot is one of the most beautiful teaware gifts one could give to a true tea lover. It will make brewing easy, sophisticated and truly unique. Chinese tea tray is another perfect piece of equipment for anyone in love with their tea. It’s irreplaceable when brewing gong fu style and will make possible to enjoy tea ritual in just about any room it their home.

    3. For those that love chocolates and caramels

      What could be better than a liquified dessert with zero calories? If your loved one loves chocolate and desserts, gift her/him Black Caramel, Creme Brulee Oolong or Summer Nights. This delicious teas are full of flavor and blend well with milk.Extra idea: Mini hamper with marshmallows and chocolate drops to add to delicious tea lattes.

    4. For people that love to be surprised

      Is there a better surprise than receiving a box of new flavors each month? Subscription boxes give an opportunity to try different flavors each month and give the excitement of opening new packages and smelling new teas.Extra idea: All tea boxes come with linen tea filters. The only thing that’s missing is a favorite mug for enjoying all the new flavors.

    5. For iced tea lovers

      Pre-made iced tea pouches that are easy to use and make 1.0 to 1.5 gallons of iced tea are sure to satisfy the iced tea need of every tea lover. They come in nine different flavors – from traditional green and black to unique prickly pear and raspberry black.Extra idea: Cocktail or iced tea shaker is almost a must when making iced tea. For keeping iced tea always cold, chilling rock will keep the best taste great without diluting it.  Or choose a glass teapot that makes cold brewing both easy and fun.

    6. For those that love to use tea for cooking

      Earl Grey, Pinhead Gunpowder and Organic Assam are not only great for drinking, but for cooking too. They make delicious lattes, amazing cakes and unique milk teas. Even better, teas like Lapsang Souchong in Russian Caravan or Pu’erh can be crushed and powdered and used for seasoning.Extra idea: A frother or a hand blender can help to make delicious frothy lattes in a second.

    7. For those that drink tea mostly in the office

      Office tea needs to be delicious, give energy and has to be easy to brew. Our recommendation is Blue Lady Grey and green Genmaicha tea that can be easily re-steeped and won’t become bitter if steeped for too long.Extra idea: Brewing mug with a fine strainer can make brewing easy anywhere and everywhere.

    8. For tea beginners that would like to drink more tea

      Bitterness can easily put off many tea beginners. Delicious flavored blends can be a real life changer when getting used to tea and experimenting with brewing techniques. Our top choice? Strawberry Coconut Green! It tastes like strawberries and cream and is very easy to brew. For black tea lovers our tea of choice is Simple Vanilla Black, and herbal Blood Orange for tea lovers that love fruity flavors with no caffeine.Extra idea: Teapot and a cup set are a great piece of teaware to have for anyone just starting out on their tea journey. They make tea brewing simple, beautiful and are perfect for real loose leaf tea with bigger leaves and tea bags.

    9. For bookworms into tea

      Teas that can be slowly enjoyed and sipped while reading a book such as Ti Kwan Yin and Bengal Chai Tiger always make a perfect cup. Ti Kwan Yin is one of rare teas that can be mug brewed by simply adding tea leaves to a mug and topping up with hot water.Extra idea: Tea encyclopedia with all the information a tea lover could ever wish for is one of the best gift you could possibly give to a bookworm. Add an artisan notebook to keep taste notes and favorite quotes too!

    10. For perfectionists

      Flavors brought up to perfection such as Japanese Sencha, White Monkey or Second Flush Darjeeling are traditional and sophisticated, and able to satisfy the taste buds of even the most demanding tea lovers.
      Extra idea: When you want to get the perfect cup of tea, water temperature is essential. Small tea thermometer is an essential utensil when learning how to make a perfect cup of tea.

Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

Now that you have the perfect tea for your tea loving friend or family member, here’s what you can gift them to enjoy it even more.

      1. Kettle

        An electric kettle with a removable stainless steel strainer is a magnificent gift for people that want their tea ASAP. With different temperature options, this electric kettle makes brewing tea as easy as possible.

      2. Teapot

        Japanese side-handle teapot with a removable strainer is one of the best teapots to have in any teaware collection. It’s easy to use for tea beginners and a must for advanced tea drinkers. Kyusu is great for making almost any type of tea.

      3. Marshmallows

        What would hot creamy drinks be without mini marshmallows? But instead of the regular ones, gift your chai lover friend something extra special – cinnamon flavored marshmallows.

      4. Tea mug with an infuser

        Tea mug with a removable infuser is one of the best tea gifts for busy tea drinkers. It will make brewing very easy, even in the office.

      5. Water thermometer

        The best way to always get the perfect water temperature for any type of tea is to get a water thermometer. They can be useful even to the most experienced tea drinkers.

      6. Tea tasting journal

        Made a perfect cup and want to share it with your loved ones? Keeping a tea tasting journal is a great way to brew the perfect cup every time.

      7. Glass teapot

        The best way to cold brew any tea? Using a glass teapot. 40 oz teapot is big enough to make enough tea for an entire day. Opt for those with removable strainers to prevent over-brewing.

      8.  Tea Tray

        For tea drinkers that enjoy drinking Chinese tea, a tea tray with a water compartment or drainage system is a must have. In fact, gongfu brewing would be almost impossible without a proper tea tray.

Still not sure? Give the gift of exploring tea

Receiving a new tea box each month gives an opportunity to try four different flavors based on your preferences – black, green, herbal or mixed. Monthly subscription box is available in four different versions – original with all types of real teas and blends, herbal decaf with real caffeine free teas and herbal blends, black with mostly black teas and herbal blends with caffeine and green, with green teas and teas that have a light flavor similar to green tea.

Tea of the Month Gift Cards

Gift cards for tea club membership are available in different values and can be used to become a member of any month club option. Membership will stop once the amount is used up. Gift cards are received via email, and can be forwarded to buyer’s or recipient’s email address, or you can easily print them out and include into a Christmas card.

Still not sure which tea to give? Gift a Simple Loose Leaf premium tea gift card.