Three of us run Simple Loose Leaf, two brothers and a sister. My name’s Andrew, and I’ve had a lifetime addiction to black teas. I’m especially fond of any tea with an extra helping of Assam or Yunnan. The original idea for a tea subscription box was mine, but since we began Simple Loose Leaf, this company has evolved into so much more than what I originally envisioned. I have a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Arkansas (Go Razorbacks!), and I’ve been a budding entrepreneur since my earliest days of high school. I believe that small business are the lifeblood of this great country, and my passion is developing the next great one in Simple Loose Leaf.

About ImagesMy sister, Sarah, prefers red/rooibos teas. She’s our Chief “Keep Your Feet on the Ground” Officer. She works primarily on other projects but also chips in wherever she can at Simple Loose

Leaf. While Sarah’s day to day involvement with the company is limited, her value is immense. I have my head in the clouds more often than not, and by bouncing ideas off Sarah I’m able to keep my feet on the ground.

Last we have Nicholas, the third and youngest of the three siblings. His favorite teas are lightly scented greens, jasmine, and magnolia. He is, for all intents and purposes, my partner in crime. With his help, Simple Loose Leaf has transformed from a wisp of an idea into the only tea club that offers such a unique collection of teas and a premium members’ benefits package. Nicholas has a degree in Finance from the University of Arkansas with a significant focus in Corporate Finance. He’s the logistical mind behind Simple Loose Leaf. He makes sure that the tea ships on time and that each of our many club members get the exact tea they want.

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Simple Loose Leaf isn’t just another tea club that uses its members to jettison spare inventory on the verge of expiration. We’re a Subscription Box company dedicated to enriching people’s lives through the love of tea. Behind water, tea is the world’s most consumed drink. There’s a reason for that. The many nuances and varieties of tea rival the great wines of history, and we’re just at the beginning of the tea revolution here in the United States. Join us, and experience a whole new way to drink tea.

From our family to yours,

Andrew Flocks