What is Simple Loose Leaf?

We’re a family run company that focuses on the joy of exploring new loose leaf teas while expanding our relationship with a local developmental workplace that provides employment for members of our local community that have developmental disabilities.  Through our partnership with them and your patronage, we’re helping to employ members of an amazing community.  You can learn more about our partnership with them here.  CLICK HERE

When do I pay for my Simple Loose Leaf membership?

You pay for your first “round’ of tea when you initially join. If you join the monthly tea plan, then you will pay for the first month of tea. If you join the yearly plan, then you will pay for a year’s worth of tea. If you decided to give Simple Loose Leaf as a gift, you will pay for the gift in its entirety when you place the order.

When does my membership ship?

All of our subscription boxes ship at the start of each month.  Specifically on the first business day of each month.  We ship all of our packages via the USPS postal system and provide tracking for all packages that we ship.  Our system will send you an email with the tracking information when a box is delivered to the Post Office.

Can I customize the teas I get or request specific teas each month?

We’re currently working on an option for ingredients based preferences for each customer.  We’re in the early stages of testing and building this feature into both our ongoing subscriptions and our gift memberships to allow personal use and gift use preferences to the managed.  Once this feature is fully functional we will invite existing customers first to join.  Then open the program up to the general tea community to participate.

In the mean time we do offer 4 different tea box options that allow for a more detailed selection of experiences.  Find our box options here: CLICK HERE

What is the last day I can order a membership and still get the next shipment?

The cutoff for getting the very next tea box is about noon of the last day of the month.  Example: All memberships purchased, or renewed, between the 1st of the month and the last day of the month will get the next month’s box.  Any order between May 1st and May 31st will get the June 1st tea box.

How much tea do I get each month?

How much tea do I get each month? Simple Loose Leaf sends out 40 grams of tea with each monthly membership. There will be 4 unique teas in each shipment with 14 grams of each tea sent in resealable pouches.

How can I stop my auto-renewals?

All subscription auto-renewals can be stopped at any time in your Account Settings beneath the “Your Subscription(s)” heading. If you’ve already been billed for this month’s box, your cancellation will take effect in the next billing cycle. All renewals are final. If you need additional assistance email us Sales@SimpleLooseLeaf.com

How much is shipping, and when do I pay for shipping?

All Simple Loose Leaf memberships (renewing subscriptions and gift memberships) include the cost of shipping in their offer price.

All Simple Loose Leaf Tea Shop orders that include individual teas (4 ounce containers and 14 gram sample pouches) offer flat rate shipping of $4.90 for each order.  And offer Free Shipping for any Tea Shop orders over $50.

What are the little cloth bags in my tea box?

Simple Loose Leaf works with a Kansas based manufacturing company that sews those little cloth bags.  They are designed to be reusable tea filters that work best for single cup brewing.  To clean them, you can turn them inside out and run them under some water to get the leafs off.

Other questions come to mind?

If you have other questions that we haven’t answered don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Sales@SimpleLooseLeaf.com.