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The sweet, grass flavors of the Sencha and the smoky flavor of the Houjicha combine with the light scents of jasmine and citrus makes this an amazing green tea. It can be enjoyed hot but it will also make a great iced tea for those warm summer nights.

Ingredients: Jasmine green, Houjicha, Sencha, and light citrus flavor

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Customer Reviews

Fresh and light

The first thing you'll notice about this tea when you open it up is the scent: refreshing, bright and citrusy. That citrus note will take a back seat once brewed and present itself at the finish of a sip. On the tongue, the flavor is light and subtly floral. I drank my first cup hot but will definitely be trying this chilled as well.

Michelle A. - 06/10/2017


This is a great tea my son even enjoyed it

Tracey F. - 06/12/2017

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