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Black Currant (Decaf)


Product Description

Based on a caffeine free black tea, This Black Currant tea will help with your nighttime sweet tooth. Black Currant was not been grown in the United States between the early 1900s and 2003. Due to this Black Currant is a flavor that is not know to may in the United States. The tart flavor that it provides to the blended black tea makes for a unique flavor that many have never experienced before.

Ingredients: Black tea with Black Currant pieces, Black Currant leaves, and Black Currant flavor

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Customer Reviews

Black Currant

Smells sweet & soothing and tastes great, too! Great flavor both hot & cold.

Lydia F. - 08/01/2017

Perfect for Iced Tea

Again, the aroma of this tea was a pleasant surprise right when the bag was opened. I tried it as a hot brew and it was definitely yummy - didn't need any sugar as it was naturally sweet (not a cloying sweetness, either!) and light. It was as a cold brew that I really came to love this tea, though. It's flavorful, even sweeter cold and super refreshing!

Michelle A. - 07/11/2017

Black tea

I'm not a huge fan of black tea but enjoyed drinking this at night

Tracey F. - 06/12/2017


Very sweet and delicious!!

Randi D. - 06/13/2017

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