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A blend of four classic black teas, Monks' Morning will be a bold and cunning cup of tea. The Assam provides the malty flavors, the Darjeeling provides the astringent tannic flavors, the Nilgiri provides the full aromatics and the Keemun provides the smoky, almost chocolate, flavor. This blend brings the flavors of four unique tea growing regions into your cup when ever the mode takes you.

Ingredients: Darjeeling black tea, Keemun black tea, Assam black tea and Nilgiri black tea

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Customer Reviews


Definitely a favorite. The touch of smoke and the combination of the different teas make this really stand out. If I were to choose any black tea to have on hand at any time, this would probably be it.

Emily M. - 12/05/2017

One of my favorites

This is my all time favorite tea. I looked forward to drinking it everyday.

Denise T. - 10/11/2017

Love it!

This is a great morning tea! It has a bold, even flavor. Love it first thing when I wake up!

Melissa N. - 08/05/2017

Perfect morning tea

I loved this blend! So comforting and warm, I loved drinking this with milk.

Maria L. - 06/03/2017

Monk's Morning Blend

As the name suggests, this tea is perfect for that "morning wake up" cup of tea. Great flavor makes it an enjoyable black tea.

Lydia F. - 06/09/2017

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