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Product Description

A modern swing one of the most well known teas. A whole leaf black tea with blue mellow blossoms, lavender flowers, and a hint of bergamot. If you have ever wanted an Earl Grey that is light on the bergamot, this is without a doubt the tea for you. A touch of milk will provide a smoother flavor.

Ingredients: Whole leaf black, Blue mellow blossoms, Lavender flowers and bergamot flavor

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Customer Reviews

Kaitlin P. - 04/18/2017


Sweeter and more floral than normal Lady Grey, and doesn't need much sugar (if any).

Cody C. - 04/11/2017

My girl loves this tea!

My girl is hard to please sometimes when it comes to tea but this tea was absolutely amazing in her opinion

Christine R. - 04/09/2017


It tastes so good and is one of my faves

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