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Product Description

A traditional Da Hong Pao oolong that featues a bold red brew, mineral body and a sweet clean finish. It has all of the earthly flavor of black teas and the sweetness of greens. If you are searching for that perfect combination that few oolongs achieve, this is the oolong for you.

Ingredients: Da Hong Pao Oolong

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Customer Reviews

Nice Flavor

This is my first experience with Oolong tea, and I like it. The flavor reminds me of green tea, but lighter. It's not bitter, which I appreciate.

Lydia F. - 05/10/2017

Good Oolong

I purchased 2 oz of this recently and the leaves were fairly fluffy so I got quite a bit of tea! I enjoyed the tea but it is fermented more than most oolongs and is a bit closer to black tea than to green tea. If you like darker oolongs definitely give it a try!

Kylie W. - 07/14/2017


High quality oolong tea, the best I've ever had!

Hannah M. - 06/08/2017


This is the best Oolong I have ever tried. It is reminiscent of what you would drink in a traditional Chinese restaurant, but this has a smoother finish and a sweeter undertone. There is no bitter aftertaste.

Carrie B. - 05/10/2017

First Time Oolong Drinker

I was unsure of it at first, but it definitely is a good flavor. Very earthy, slightly reminds me of almonds. Not an everyday kind of tea, but is good when I'm needing a flavor change.

Christopher P. - 05/04/2017

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