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Honeyed Black Tea


Product Description

A simple black tea with honey and honey pollen blended together for the perfect sweet and bold. Any other black tea would benefit with a touch of sweetness but this one already comes with that sweetness, which makes it an all in one tea.

Ingredients: Black tea and Honey Pollen with Honey flavor

4.8 5 reviews
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Customer Reviews

Jade S. - 03/25/2017

great tea

it's a tea I would buy on my own.

Katy G. - 03/22/2017

Lovely and pre-sweetened

Really great flavor with the subtle honey undertones. This is my favorite of the teas I have received so far.

Caroline M. - 03/07/2017


I liked this a lot! Not quite special enough for all 5 stars, but quite good!

Kylie W. - 02/17/2017

Honeyed Black

It tastes exactly as the name suggests, it has a nice rich flavor for black tea and the honey add a bit of flavor for sweetness!

Melissa C. - 02/13/2017

Great black tea

I'm not normally a black tea drinker, but this was delicious. It was smooth and not too strong. It was great on its own, but adding a little bit of honey made it sweeter and very enjoyable.

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